The Know, Like Trust Factor

A Selling Without Salesy MUST! 

The most basic concept of selling without salesy is to convince your prospects that you know what you are talking about and can be trusted to deliver what you promise.

We call this the Know Like Trust Factor, (KLT).

It is why you had a favorite teacher. It might be why you use a particular CPA, Insurance Broker or Realtor. When you looking for one of these to do business with you may have asked for a referral. What you are really doing is asking them for someone they know, like and trust.

Salespeople consider referrals the very best prospects. The Gold Standard.  It shortcuts the KLT factor. Someone YOU know and trust has determined this is someone YOU can trust.

That’s known as social proof in marketing circles and it is a very powerful concept. It is why Amazon uses reviews and it is why they use the idea of “other people who looked at this product bought ….” Social proof.

If you are selling digital products such as courses, coaching or webinars it is very rare that someone will buy your product without the KLT factor firmly in their mind.

Learning to develop that and having the patience to do it should be your number one priority.

In my next post I will show you a gentle approach to doing just that! And once I post it, I’ll come back here and make it a mini conversion.

About the Author

A serial entrepreneur, Conrad has founded several businesses in his career in such diverse industries Insurance, Healthcare and Internet-based Business Services, (not to mention boyhood lawn mowing in the neighborhood!). In the last two decades, his focus has been on multiplying profits for his businesses using the Internet as a springboard.