The “Mom Theory”

As I write this we are right smack dab in the middle of the holidays.

I was driving down the beautiful 280 freeway today, (you heard that right, it is a beautiful drive) and my mind was wandering in and out of online marketing, email funnels and family. Weird, eh? I love California!

Anyway, I was contemplating how to explain the concept of know, like and trust, a well-worn idea in marketing and trying to come up with a fresh way to explain it.

Mom, mum, mother, ma… my family it was mom. She is a legend in our family. An artist, a musician, (kind of) a disciplinarian, and most of all, someone I could rely on. And trust.

Who better to stand for the concept of know, like and trust?

Mom would never steer me wrong. She wouldn’t suggest a product to me solely because she was getting an affiliate commision. Mom wouldn’t try to sell me something in every email. Mom listened before thoughtfully portioning out her advice. And she was the funniest person I ever knew.

She was a terrific storyteller!

Mom didn’t tell me what to do (when I was older) but she did voice strong opinions based on her own life experiences. I didn’t always listen or take that advice but she was right more often than not.

Yep, my mom encompassed the very nature of know, like and trust and that is exactly why I treasured her advice.

It might be something for you to think about. Be a little more like mom in your marketing, especially your email marketing.

The “Mom Theory!”

You cannot be everyone’s mom but maybe thinking about her as an example might help you in your marketing efforts. Put your customer first, be helpful and honest, and make sure the advice you give is about them and not you.


About the Author

A serial entrepreneur, Conrad has founded several businesses in his career in such diverse industries Insurance, Healthcare and Internet-based Business Services, (not to mention boyhood lawn mowing in the neighborhood!). In the last two decades, his focus has been on multiplying profits for his businesses using the Internet as a springboard.