Productivity. Coffee Shops. Me.

productivityOne of the wonderful things about working as a
solopreneur is that I can work when I want, where I want and with whom I want. I saw this great article on productivity. Why people are more productive when they work away from their “office”? (which for these purposes, means your normal workspace). Start of a new year is a good time to read this stuff!

I’ve been doing this for 20 years but never really zeroed in on why it works for me. I thought it was because I am an independent don’t-tell-ME-what-to-do sort of a guy. While that is true, according to this lady, there are some actual better reasons than that for this to be a good idea.

Here’s what she has to say……

The ‘Coffee Shop Effect’: Why Changing Your Location Boosts Your Productivity

By Kat Boogaard 

By now, I’m embarrassingly familiar with the post-lunch slump that strikes at least once during my workweek.

Still full from my avocado toast, I find myself slouched in my desk chair—just willing something to appear behind that menacing, blinking text cursor that’s been taunting me for the past five minutes.

So, what do I do in those moments when I find myself feeling totally zapped of motivation? I pack up my laptop and head to a coffee shop with reliable WiFi.

The ‘Coffee Shop Effect’: My Productivity Secret Weapon

Once I’m there—with my venti iced chai latte by my side—I discover that I’m hyper-focused. I crank through my to-do list with seeming ease. In fact, I accomplish more in two or three hours than I would have in an entire workday in my home office……READ MORE