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Book Club

I believe in lifelong learning. One of the ways I do that in small chunks is by reading. A lot. I am going to share three business related books I’ve read this Fall. I think they may be worth your consideration. They are: Writing Without Bulls**t-Joel Bernoff            Mini Habits -Stephen … Read more

Mini-Conversions. Email Strategy Tip

It is important for your audience and email list to they know, like and trust you. Marketers refer to that as the Know Like Trust Factor, (KLT). Every email you send your list should have this concept front and center. A great way to accomplish this is by using the tactic of “mini conversion.” Each … Read more

Tiny Habits. Big Results.

I have a confession. I regularly admonish myself for not having better habits. Consistent content creation is something I absolutely know I should do and yet I have had problems forming that habit. I may have found a solution. Mini habits. Issac Newton had it right when he announced that “an object will remain at … Read more

Time To Plan

2019! As Summer meanders towards a close it is time to turn my mind towards next year. Keep doing what you’re doing but it is a great time to start the planning process for next year. It should all be in place by November. December at the latest. If you are reading this after that … Read more

Selling: The Elephant In The Room

You have a great idea for an online business. The product or service you have is a wonderful solution for a lot of people out there. Just one thing. You absolutely hate the idea of selling it. Your logical side tells you it won’t sell itself, no matter how good it is (yep!) but your … Read more