Marketing & Sales Glossary


I use so many terms in my writing that I decided to create a page here to list and define them. That way I won’t have to keep repeating myself to new readers. 🙂 Hope this helps!

I guess I should also say that these are MY definitions as I understand and use them. Anyone who has a better way to say it feel free to whip off an email to me and give me your side of the story.

The goal is to make my writing clear to readers.

Cold Audience- Usually refers to a demographic that probably do not know about you or your product. Often referred to in Facebook or Google advertising.

Conversion- Causing an action to be taken with a lead. Turning a lead into a sale.

Email Automation Service- These services offer automated email sequences created and used in marketing. They normally offer such additional services as form creation (and integration with websites and landing/sales pages, landing pages, and list management.

KLT Factor– A shortcut for “know like and trust” factor. See definition below.

Know, Like Trust– This marketing concept says that a given audience should know you as an authority figure on the subject matter and trust that you can and will deliver as promised.  Learn more…

Landing Page- A close cousin of the sales page (see below).

Magnet- This is something of value you offer in order to build your email list. It should be topical and relevant to the product or service you want to market to that email list. As an example, say you are going to sell a course on dog grooming. Maybe you would want to create a “freebie” magnet that has pictures of breeds and their hairstyles, or a list of equipment needed for dog grooming. Magnets can be PDFs, White Pages, Videos, Checklists or even Quizzes.

Mini-Conversion- The idea of having a reader take a step or adopt a new attitude. Make a change. Often this can be a link to additional valuable content.

Opt-In- This is a lot like a “magnet.” It is an offer to provide something of value in return for an email address. That email address then becomes part of the marketer’s “email list.” It is also the act of giving your email address to a marketer in exchange for something.

Sales Page- Usually this would be that page you direct your prospect to in order to begin a sales transaction. It is any page where a conversion takes place. (example: registering or subscribing). The transaction is not always financial.

Warm Audience- The opposite of a “cold audience,” members of this group know who you are and are considered a more likely audience to take an action you recommend.