How Will You Create a Magnet?

UPDATE: We often talk about the need for you to have opt-ins aka magnets

To refresh, you need to have to have something to offer your potential Tribe-List members to

  • Encourage them to join your tribe by giving you their email address and
  • Motivate them to begin opening the follow-up emails you will be sending them. It is negative for you if someone gives you an email and then never opens follow up emails.
  • Deliverability is a very important metric. You must have engaged list members to create a Tribe.

A top-notch first impression with that opt-in “freebie” you send them will go a long way towards getting them to read subsequent emails you send, to be engaged.

In the past, I have farmed out this kind of project. Fairly inexpensive options are available by using services like Guru to hire talent. You still have to create the basics…the actual content. But a pro can whip it into a nice and professional PDF for $50-$100. Facebook Groups and forums are a great place to ask others who they use. A referral is always better than just hiring someone cold.

But there is another option.

You could do it yourself!

There are a lot of reasons this might be the preferable route to take. At the prices I am talking about, designers cannot possibly spend a lot of time going back and forth making changes.

It is rare for the first iteration to be just what you want. They will usually make a couple of minor changes for you without charging more but unless you know exactly what you want from the get-go (rare), you have an issue.

Another nice thing about knowing how to do it yourself is if you want to make changes down the road (very common) you can just do it without incurring more expense.

In some of my businesses, the opt-ins contain information that needs to updated every year. Having the creation process in-house makes this a lot easier.

In another post, I’m going to discuss a free tool that can transform you into a near professional designer, even if you don’t have any previous experience. It is honestly something almost everyone can learn to use.

It is called Canva. Check it out.

I also want to mention there are several inexpensive training options on Udemy. (You should pay around $10).

Did I mention Canva is free?


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