Ever Have To Watch TV With The Sound Off?

I was in a sports bar yesterday with my future son-in-law. It was (of course) loud and packed because the Masters Golf Tournament was on and Sergio Garcia was making a run.

Problem is, I could not hear and of the commentary. Our server came over and said “Have you ever heard of Tunity? Nope.

It’s funny how you stumble upon cool applications.

This one is a free iPhone app that provides you with the audio of a TV you sync with. I downloaded it, registered and within 3 minutes I had the audio of the TV broadcast playing in my ears while I had a cold beer and watched it on the bar’s TV. BTW, the sound was perfectly synced. Amazing.

I can think of a few more places I will use it…..my wife wants to sleep while I watch a TV show for instance, at the airport, at the gym. I’ve only used it twice so I don’t know what the limitations are but so far I am loving it and thought I would take a minute to share it. It looks like it works with about 100 channels and only in the USA.

Very cool.

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