Mini-Conversions. Email Strategy Tip

mini conversionsIt is important for your audience and email list to they know, like and trust you. Marketers refer to that as the Know Like Trust Factor, (KLT). Every email you send your list should have this concept front and center.

A great way to accomplish this is by using the tactic of “mini conversion.” Each email should have a small, actionable task for the reader which gives them value.

When your prospect take an action you recommend and they derive value, you build trust.

One example is suggesting clicking a link to get more information on something relevant to the email topic. It must be a real value.

Continuing this on a regular basis builds the trust factor. Prospects get used to taking actions you recommend. Because the recommendations are valuable it builds trust and authority.

That creates a positive environment when you decide to begin a promotion.

Some examples of mini conversions:

  • Link to a video of you explaining in greater detail.
  • Link to a freebie, such as a checklist, quiz or tip sheet.
  • Linking to a relative podcast. (preferably your own podcast)
  • Link a blog post you wrote that goes deeper into the subject.

If the link or action is something that you have created it will reinforce you as the expert.

Finally, developing trust at the time of your promotion is difficult. You want the trust to exist when you promote. The open rate of those emails along with the conversion rate of your offer will be much higher.

Final note: Wondering about the strange choice of the photo accompanying this post? Well, the car is a British automobile called MINI Cooper! Get it? :).


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