Assets. Got any?

In my “other life” I run a successful Internet business that caters to a niche part of the nursing industry.

For the past several years change has been in the winds for this niche. It has been a lesson in keeping your ear to the ground and being nimble. I have had to bob and weave in order to continue being relevant (and financially successful).

As you read this, (assuming it is anywhere near the date of the post), I am tweaking the business side of the website. I am adjusting some of the services and adding some new ones.

It brings up an interesting point that I think a lot of us “seat-of-the-pants” entrepreneurs don’t think about.


In this case, I have been working in this niche for many years. Because of that, I have accumulated a lot of assets that I can carry into the newest version of this business. They are things like my email list, years of relevant content, a reputation with search engines, momentum, traffic, …..all sorts of things. I am way ahead of the game compared to the day I got this idea so many years ago.

That brings me to this thought.

Almost every single business you begin will look different five years down the road. The climate will change, the economy will fluctuate (count on it), the industry will evolve. As a business person, you must be nimble. You must adjust and be forever open to new ideas and new opportunities.

I cannot tell you how many times potential customers have asked me “How much do you charge for……?” They spotted the opportunity before I did because they realized I had certain assets.

If you are brand new, you have assets. You may just have to dig deeper to visualize what they are. Specialized knowledge, FB Ad expertise, writing skills, on-camera persona, grit……all of these will help.

I would encourage you to sit down and make a list of your own assets. I bet you will be surprised how much of a leg up you have on others. The mere fact that you are reading this and thinking about entrepreneurship is an asset.

Take action! Go make that list right now and keep it somewhere you can add to it. It will be a powerful tool in getting your business going and staying nimble as you work the process.

All the best!



About the Author

A serial entrepreneur, Conrad has founded several businesses in his career in such diverse industries Insurance, Healthcare and Internet-based Business Services, (not to mention boyhood lawn mowing in the neighborhood!). In the last two decades, his focus has been on multiplying profits for his businesses using the Internet as a springboard.