Productivity. Coffee Shops. Me.

productivityOne of the wonderful things about working as a
solopreneur is that I can work when I want, where I want and with whom I want. I saw this great article on productivity. Why people are more productive when they work away from their “office”? (which for these purposes, means your normal workspace). Start of a new year is a good time to read this stuff!

I’ve been doing this for 20 years but never really zeroed in on why it works for me. I thought it was because I am an independent don’t-tell-ME-what-to-do sort of a guy. While that is true, according to this lady, there are some actual better reasons than that for this to be a good idea.

Here’s what she has to say……

The ‘Coffee Shop Effect’: Why Changing Your Location Boosts Your Productivity

By Kat Boogaard 

By now, I’m embarrassingly familiar with the post-lunch slump that strikes at least once during my workweek.

Still full from my avocado toast, I find myself slouched in my desk chair—just willing something to appear behind that menacing, blinking text cursor that’s been taunting me for the past five minutes.

So, what do I do in those moments when I find myself feeling totally zapped of motivation? I pack up my laptop and head to a coffee shop with reliable WiFi.

The ‘Coffee Shop Effect’: My Productivity Secret Weapon

Once I’m there—with my venti iced chai latte by my side—I discover that I’m hyper-focused. I crank through my to-do list with seeming ease. In fact, I accomplish more in two or three hours than I would have in an entire workday in my home office……READ MORE

You Are Going To Have To Create Content

UPDATE: I have now been using the free version of Grammarly for about 18 months and can confirm it is everything I hoped for. The one thing you need to know is that it is NOT always right. I am someone who wants to write in my own voice…not necessarily perfect grammar. But with this product, it just alerts me and makes sure I look it over and confirm that is what I wanted to say, I absolutely love it. I have not tried the paid version but if I was a more prolific writer I would at least test it out. I might anyway!
People who are selling on the Internet or are trying to attract an audience are going to need to create content. That will very likely include some writing and it will most likely include a LOT of writing. Agree?

If you do agree then you will want someone to review (edit) your created content.

If you don’t have a human editor available, you may want to take advantage of a couple of tools I came across recently. One is Grammarly and another is Hemmingway App. At first, I thought they were competitors. After a quick look, though, I realized they do two different things. In my world they are partners.
One is “grammar” (duh) and the other is style, readability and reading level. Neither one is correct 100% of the time. No real editor is either. They do give you a heads up and ask if you’d like to reconsider what you have already committed to the document.
I like them both. My concern with Hemmingway is that it might alter your “voice.” My caution is to not let it pull the personality out of your writing. I try to write like I speak….that ain’t always easy to do, (I threw that in on purpose LOL).
Anyway…they both deserve a look. Solopreneurs may not have resources some of the more well-funded competitors do. They might find these tools helpful.
My two cents. Check them out and make your own decision!
(You will have to decide on your own whether I used these tools on this post!)